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Quality Assurance expert here to help you with your testing project. I have 20+ years of professional experience. I have helped numerous companies with their QA and Development processes. I have managed both small and large teams as well as enjoy hands-on testing.

I have been specializing in the ecommerce space. I can help you with your company’s online presence as well as help you stand up a Shopify store from scratch.








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QA Testing Services

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Senior Director of QA

  •  Zenabi Data
  •  Nov 2018 - Apr 2020

• Setup and managed clients’ Shopify Stores. Setup a client’s retail store from scratch. Developed and deployed Shopify website changes. Recommended and implemented Shopify Apps
• Setup and administered Jira, Confluence and TestRail systems. Created a custom Jira workflow. Implemented TestRail and integrated it with Automated Selenium tests
• Custom checkout solution. Directly involved in creating custom checkout built on top of the Shopify platform. Personally created and executed all test cases for customized checkout
• Hired and managed off shore development and QA resources

Director of Quality Assurance

  •  Moda Operandi
  •  Jun 2016 - Nov 2018

• Formalized QA workflow and deployment process. We are an agile scrum shop with one week sprints and weekly deployments to production
• Implemented and administered TestRail test case management. Test cases are now repeatable, reliable and reportable
• Administered Jira and created custom workflows for various project teams
• Created an automation team. Automated tests were developed using Selenium WebDriver and Ruby. Tests results were integrated into TestRail and Jira. Automated tests were integrated into the build system (CI) and tests were automatically triggered before each major deployment
• Formalized a process for monitoring our website for performance issues and errors which ensures rapid discovery of bugs and quick resolutions
• Managed, mentored, hired and performance reviewed a team of onsite and remote QA and Automation Engineer. Expanded the team from 3 to 10+ local and remote QA Engineers
• Hired and managed a mobile testing team to support an in-house developed native iOS app
• Technologies used: Jira, TestRail, Selenium WebDriver, MySQL, MacOS, Postman, New Relic, Rigor Monitoring, JMeter, Google Analytics, Zaius, CodeShip, GitHub, Xcode simulator, Browser Stack, Sauce Labs, Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon S3, Fabric Crashlytics

Quality Assurance Manager

  •  Stroz Friedberg
  •  Jul 2014 - Jun 2016

• Implemented TestRail online test case manager to replace existing test cases in excel
• Created automated tests using Sikuli, QuickTest Pro (QTP) and batch scripts
• Performed database tests using Oracle SQL Manager and SQL Plus; included data (queries) and structure (table, view, functions, etc)
• Executed performance tests using CPU and Memory utilization tools
• Technologies used: Oracle 10/11g, TestRail, Jira, VMWare, Windows, Citrix, Waterfall

Director, Quality Assurance

  •  Booker Software
  •  Oct 2010 - Jun 2014

• Implemented a formal testing process. Created a workflow that defines how a defect is discovered, this includes investigation, categorization, assignment, prioritization and resolution. Transitioned from a waterfall to agile process
• Implemented and administered TestRail. TestRail was used to write, execute and report on test cases. Test reports were presented weekly to upper management and was the basis for production go/no go decisions
• Hired and managed an automation team. Selenium WebDriver with C# was used to automate regression testing. Automated tests were included in the CI system to automatically smoke test new builds
• Created and maintained load tests using WAPT. These tests were written for a high profile client to meet contractual performance requirements. Load testing results were including in the final sign-off process for software delivery to the client
• Member of the deployment team. Production deployments were performed at least once a month. Deployments required several hours of overnight work
• Managed the Technical Support team. This team is responsible for performing deep analysis of escalations, recommending workarounds and surge testing during release cycles. Tech Support Specialists were mentored into QA Engineering roles
• Technologies Used: MS SQL Server, FogBugz, Selenium WebDriver, C#, WAPT, Load Testing, Service Desk

Quality Assurance Manager

  •  Clever Devices
  •  Apr 2005 - Sep 2010

• Implemented source control and defect tracking system. Setup and administered Borland’s Starteam Source Control server; the only solution that had integrated defect tracking system
• Implemented an automated testing solution. Performed extensive evaluation on automation tools, selected HP/Mercury QTP and Seapine QA Wizard Pro
• Hired Automation Engineers to convert existing manual test cases to automated scripts
• Created Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP). Customer acceptance of our software was contingent upon a formal ATP; This procedure is performed on-site in front of the customer
• Managed software testing for all software projects, included integration, smoke, acceptance, and regression testing
• Deployed and maintained the CleverCAD AVL system for Walt Disney World and Chicago Transit Authority. CleverCAD AVL is a vehicle tracking solution for transit authorities. The CleverCAD system consists of a clustered MS SQL database, application servers, web servers, workstations, and vehicles with proprietary hardware communicating over a cellular network
• Implemented and maintained MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2000, and Oracle SQL servers. Applications require extensive data validation tests against databases
• Analyzed customer application logs. Bulk of products are heavily dependent on application servers, continuously reviewed log files to investigate customer reported issues
• Created and maintained the QA testing environment. Team was responsible for creating all test environments and test rigs. Mandated policy to test with client specific hardware configurations
• Created test plans and software documentation. Software documents were used by the sales department to develop proposals for new customers
• Created, executed, and maintained test scripts for all Clever Devices’ software products
• Technologies used: HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) and Quality Center, Seapine QA Wizard Pro, Starteam, OTA Radio Systems, MS SQL Server, Oracle Server, MS Log Parser

Quality Assurance Manager

  •  Starwood Hotels
  •  Aug 2004 - Apr 2005

• Created and executed all automation scripts against all branded websites using Rational RobotJ
• Reviewed wireframes and functional specifications to develop test plans. Conducted meetings with Business Analysts, and stakeholders to review test strategies
• Managed internationalization testing effort, resources located in Ireland and South Africa. Provided ability to add support for (4) four additional languages to Starwood’s websites
• Managed internal support requests. Triaged internal support requests and allocated them to the appropriate engineering groups
• Technologies used: Rational Tools (RobotJ, Functional Tester, ClearQuest)

Quality Assurance Project Lead

  •  Sybari Software
  •  Apr 2004 - Jul 2004

• Quality Assurance Project Lead for Antigen for Lotus Domino Server. Antigen is a multiple scan engine anti-virus solution for Domino email server
• Tested Antigen Anti-Virus under the Windows and UNIX platforms. This included performance and server load tests
• Triaged customer issues and delegated tasks to engineering resources
• Created Domino partitioned and stand-alone server environments for Sun Solaris, Linux, and Windows 2000 Server
• Technologies used: Lotus Domino Server, Sun Solaris, Redhat Linux, IBM AIX, Windows Server 2000

Quality Assurance Team Lead

  •  McAfee
  •  May 1999 - Mar 2004

• Led teams that managed McAfee VirusScan, McAfee Privacy Service, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Utilities, McAfee Office, Nuts & Bolts, Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus, and First Aid
• Managed testing effort for Microsoft Windows XP Logo Certification. McAfee VirusScan successfully received Windows XP Logo Certification (HCT)
• Managed outsourced Quality Assurance contractors
• Managed the localization testing effort for McAfee VirusScan. McAfee VirusScan supported multiple languages including double-byte languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese
• Managed Beta testing programs for McAfee VirusScan. This involved managing internal and external beta testers. Moderated message boards that kept beta testers updated with the latest product information
• Created, maintained and executed both manual and automated test scripts. Automation test were created using Segue SilkTest
• Prepared and validated “gold” master builds which were used to press cd for retail boxed products (Best Buy, Costco, etc.)
• Conducted weekly “bug scrubs” to triage defects. Allocated tasks to engineers
• Reviewed weekly escalation reports submitted by frontline support
• Technologies used: Anti-virus tools, Windows Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT), Segue SilkTest

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