COVID-19 Project Management: Internal Communication

Organizations across the globe, especially those with customer facing employees, are struggling with how to communicate efficiently and clearly about COVID-19 process updates, or even reopening details.

I’m here to help! With this package I’ll help you create an internal communications strategy, communication materials,  and training modules (even a learning hub website if you need it) so you can quickly communicate about reopening phases from week to week without having to stress or have unnecessary meetings.

We’re in a new world, and internal communication with your employees (furloughed or not) is the best way to build trust, engagement, and keep great employees long term.


What can this look like?

  • My current COVID-19 Project is for the Dining Services Department of a private university. We’ve create a PDF deck detailing their reopening phases, an internal strategy to communicate weekly, as well as email templates for communication to key stakeholders and staff.
  • Required employee trainings, like Serv-Safe COVID-19 safety, and other onboarding materials for new-hires were created and geared toward virtual engagement.
  • Lastly, we’re creating an internal website “Learning Hub” for employees to quickly complete learning and required activities.


How We Start Together

  • Once you book my services we’ll meet in person, or via email, to assess your needs and understanding your brand identity.
  • Once needs are assessed, I’ll send a project management plan with deliverables, due dates, and needed materials.
  • That’s it! I’ll communicate weekly until the project materials are complete.


Included in your project deliverables:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Creation of COVID-19 Internal Communication Strategy
  • Creation of 3-4 COVID-19 Re-Entry or Training Materials
  • *Upgrade* for an additional price I can create a website “learning hub” to house all future trainings.



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