Data Science & Machine Learning for Business


We are expert Data Scientists and Business Consultants. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies in our professional careers.

We can deliver end to end data science & machine learning service by understanding your data, business context & constraints, and delivering data science models for desired business outcomes.

Service Examples

Based on your needs, we can do any of these projects for your business.

  • Response Models: Building a Machine Learning Model to identify the customers who are interested to receive your product communications and will take up services you provide
  • Cross-sell Model: You have the existing customer base and want to identify the customers for selling additional value add services,  the machine learning model helps you select rights customers.
  • Campaign Insights: Your business may have executed multiple campaigns, do you want to know what worked and what not, for whom our campaign hit the mark? We can help you answer all the key questions based on your actual data
  • And many more ….

Delivery Approach

We will follow a custom agile delivery model. Once we finalize the scope and requirements, we will prepare a delivery project plan and along with the communication/update plan.

Project Plan – High Level

  • Discussion on Business Priority & Requirements and Scope
  • Focus on Data – Plan around Access, Formats or Data Sources, Type of Data & Granularity, Data Definitions
  • Prepare a Project Plan
  • Outcome quality metrics agreement
  • Deliverable Roadmap
  • Payment Milestones
  • Start the work
  • Deliver as per discussions and agreements

Typical Deliverable:

  • Machine Learning Model Code – Python, R or SAS
  • Machine Learning Model Document
  • Presentation on the overall process and model performance


For one scenario, the price of model development and validation is $399.





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