Executive Advisory & Management Consulting– 6 months (12 Sessions)

Provide Management & Executive Consulting for C-Suite clients who are looking to move themselves and their organization to higher levels.

The minimum duration for our engagement will be 6 months in order to accomplish two main goals:

  1. Refine your company’s operations and profitability;
  2. Refine your leadership skills and strengthen your overall management abilities.

The fee for 6 months is $6,000 and can be extended for $1,000 per month.

Before we get started we’ll have an Introductory No-Fee session to decide whether or not we’re a good fit for each other. Assuming we decide to work together there will be intensive “pre-work” on your part so that I can understand your professional and personal situation, your perspective, and your goals for yourself, your company, and your team.

With regard to your direct impact on your organization the pre-work includes a lengthy questionnaire, core values, blind spots, and detailed description of your professional situation and goals. It will touch on some personal aspects of your life as your career and personal life are balanced in a way that fits you as an individual.

My evaluation of the organization will include a review of the financial statements, strategic plan, and an in-depth survey of the business covering 7 key areas within the business.

The combination of all of this work will help us define where the business and which steps are best steps to take first. We’ll also implement a strategy for any changes that need to happen.

The first time we get together after the introductory session will likely exceed two hours. We’ll discuss any questions I may have that came out of your answers on the pre-work and our no-fee session. Follow-on sessions typically last 60 minutes, we’ll speak every two weeks, and we’ll review goals, actions, results, and any other topics that you may bring. From time-to-time we may decide that I should speak with members of your team and that will be handled as an added service. Our one-on-ones are recorded and you’ll be forwarded a link to the recording after the call ends. This will allow us to cover as much content as possible rather than spending too much time taking notes. Each session will end with the two of us agreeing on what needs to happen in the time before our next conversation. This service also includes one emergency phone call each quarter and regular email access.

My perspective on coaching and developing people is that everyone is from somewhere and its necessary to understand where you’re coming from in order to get you where you want to go. I require that you maintain an open mind and that you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. I’ll hold you accountable where necessary and give you new ways of looking at opportunities. I find that often, clients know what the right answer is, yet they need help zeroing in it and knowing what the right actions and timing are. I cannot and will not make you do anything. In the end, you alone are responsible for taking action after you leave our sessions.

These are some of the outcomes you can expect from our time together provided you implement the take-aways from our one-on-ones:

  • Improved operations and profitability;
  • Gain a better understanding of what your clients and your team need from you and your business;
  • Feel more energized about your work and where you are professionally;
  • Feel excited about moving yourself and your business forward;
  • Be able to spot where you’re getting in your own way;
  • Learn new ways of approaching professional challenges;
  • Feel good about your own leadership style;
  • Become more self-aware;
  • Know how to hold yourself accountable for your own results;

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