Fractional CMO / Online Marketing Director

I am providing services as a fractional Chief Digital Marketing Officer for a monthly price of $3,000.

If you need an expert leader in your marketing role but don’t have the company to support one full time, hiring a fractional role may be right for you.

A Chief Digital Marketing Officer creates and manages the processes that each department or digital marketing vendor fulfills. This manager should be able to recommend the best solution free of self interest [a key weakness when allowing an agency to dictate your digital marketing path].

The primary reason to onboard a manager fluent in digital marketing is to ensure that the marketing processes are owned by your company and in your best interest, while allowing your combined sales process to stand on its own. Compare this to assuming a vendor with a single discipline would have a complete solution, understand priority, and integrate itself in the best interest of your organizations goals.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Map digital objectives to strategic priorities. 

Develop digital marketing initiatives, objectives, and budgets that meet organizational goals across multiple disciplines such as SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing, Websites, etc…

  1. Establish clear responsibility and accountability.

Own conversion rates, numbers, and costs by establishing singular responsibility and accountability. Manage conversions and traffic across multiple platforms and get answers from a manager who is enabled to produce the results.

  1. Measure new efficiencies and ROI. 

The CDMO’s oversight across digital initiatives positions him or her uniquely well to measure success. Compare your effectiveness against industry statistics and set standards for synchronization and real performance for ROI across each platform.

  1. Manage the execution of initiatives through vendors. 

Administer objectives to sub-contractors or departments, holding each vendor accountable for their objectives and timelines to ensure the entire strategy is a success.

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