Full Stack Development – React, Python, Node.js, Blockchain

I am a senior front-end developer with 8+ years of experience building high performing presentations,
layers, building reusable components and performance optimization with JavaScript, HTML and
CSS, back-end experience with node.js, python. I can help you with any full stack software development needs.

For the last years, I launched 20+ well-designed, highly optimized, useful websites and applications
using React, Vue as Frontend Frameworks and Python, Node.js as Backend.

About 3 projects, 10k+ users with well-structured user interface components and Good
optimization Strategies and overall applications are easy to maintain and resolved 1k+ errors in the
present app.

I enjoy learning and cooperation with excellent people and able to self-manage during
independent projects, collaborate in team-work and management, Github, Gitlab with source
recommended tools, slack and Jira with team instructed tools.

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