Landing Pages That Perform!

Looking for professional landing pages?
Well, look no further! 

I’ve created dozens and dozens of gorgeous, high performing landing pages with user experience and conversion as high priority for many of my clients and can do the same for you. Landing pages ranging from product pages, special promotions, eBook sales, opt-in pages, events, giveaways, and sign-ups! There is no end to the possibilities.


😄📆🤝First, you will want to book a 30 minute Initial Project Intro Meeting with me to go over your requirements/vision for the project. If it feels like a good fit and you decide to move forward,

📷🎥🖼I will request assets you’d like to use (logo’s, fonts, color hex codes, images, etc.) be emailed to me. Once assets are in hand, I will begin working on the project! 🏃‍♀️ 💨💨💨

✏📝✏Before I begin design work, I will submit 3-6 layout sketches and ask that you choose your top two. These designs are not set in stone, but will be the bones from which I work from. I will create an A/B variant landing page per your specifications (so two versions, for testing which version is performing better and to gather insights on what your customers want to see).

📆🤸‍♂️🤾‍♂️🏋️‍♂️ For project visibility – I recommend we schedule a video conference once every 48-hours to show work completed thus far. This will also allow for small design changes to be made after our initial project intro meeting.

🏁🙌🚀After meeting 3, or day 6 of the project – I will release the completed and agreed upon A/B variant landing pages to you, granted both parties are happy and see no further edits to be made. If by day 6 you find yourself still requesting edits on the landing pages – that’s okay! I will work on the for as long as necessary to deliver the masterpiece you envisioned! 

✨Included With Landing Page Service ✨

I also offer 🚩FREE hosting (for one year) of your landing page,
am able to assign a 🚩FREE custom domain to the page,
and as an Certified Automation Expert – can provide                   🚩FREE custom integrations for just about any service for your Landing Page. 


❤🧡💛Add On Services💚💙💜

🖤Want more that 2 Landing Page variations for A/B split testing? See my add-on’s to add two more!
Add on service = $189

🖤Interested in Pop-Ups (exit-pops, email opt-in pops, savings pops, etc.)? See my add-on’s for a custom created pop-up set to deploy at your choosing during the customer journey!
Add on service =$79

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