Leadership Development is focused on the key aspects of being an effective, successful leader. The program establishes its foundation with an initial in-depth session on how a new leader can make the transition to a role in leadership successfully. Subsequent sessions include Conflict Management, Performance Management, Leading and Implementing the development of the Organizational Strategy, Coaching and Decision Making, Delegation¬† and a participant favorite titled, A Day in the Life of the Leader where we explore the events of a typical day and leave with the understanding that “Big Days” don’t happen by accident and how we plan for them.

The complete program includes 10 sessions. In-class program sessions are 4 hours in length and are completed within 6 months to 1 year, depending on frequency between sessions. The ideal program length is 9 months. This approach allows for time to apply the lessons learned and for adjustments along the way.

Programs are customized to fit your needs – all programs begin with “Making the Transition to the Role of a Leader.”

The digital program (zoom video conference) is about 90 minutes per session. Depending on your need, the digital program can be delivered on a weekly basis.



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