Online Ordering & Delivery Platform for Restaurants & Liquor Stores

Attention Restaurant, Liquor Stores, and Health food store owners!

If you have a restaurant or business that can remain open during this time and would like to offer your customers the capability to order online and delivery please reach out to us.

Our team can build out a platform in which your customers will be able to order online. Here is a demo of what your platform will look like: https://www.pronto-ny.com/menu

The benefits of this platform are:

  1. This will allow you to add another layer of income to your business and attend to more customers.
  2. Through this platform, you will be able to give more work to your employees.
  3. You keep all of the profits- no revenue sharing (unlike Grubhub, Doodash, etc.). There is only a monthly flat rate.
  4. You also get all of your customers’ data. What they like, what’s selling, their emails, etc.

Here is what you will get: Online Ordering Platform

  • On-Line Ordering Website Created and Linked
  • Facebook Ordering
  • Menu Uploaded on Yelp
  • Tablet Interface – orders come to Tablet (provided)
  • Includes Delivery Management Tools
  • Allows orders for curbside pickup and delivery
  • Strategically target all Facebook users within a 5-mile radius of the restaurant
  • Keeps employees BUSY!
  • Far less expensive than Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grub Hub, etc

Set-up = $340* (includes Tablet) – Monthly Fee: $299. 6-month financing plan option available for select clients. 

This is a great opportunity for business to diversify their offerings and survive.

Usually, this program runs for $970 but due to the current economic times, we are discounting this for local business owners to survive. We are currently only accepting 5 businesses per month to launch in the 10-day timeline. We hope you take advantage of this amazing platform and adapt to the current times. Please reach out to us for more info.


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