Public Speaking

This plan is ideal for:

  • People who have moderate to strong foreign accents who wish to gain a more neutral American accent when speaking English.
  • People who want to improve not only their pronunciation skills, but their speaking skills for interviewing, presenting, or public speaking.


    • Initial Accent Analysis
      • Prior to the start of your first session, your speech will be phonetically transcribed and analyzed against standard American English in order to identify your personal sound deviations / speech patterns.
    • Twelve weeks of private 30 to 45-minute sessions via Zoom.
      • We will focus on exercises to accurately pronounce your target sounds, use proper intonation, rhythm, and stress, and you will be provided with live feedback regarding your progress.
    • Public Speaking skills
    • Weekly individualized practice plans
    • Online practice materials between sessions
  • Final Accent Analysis
      • Near the end of your program, we will analyze the percentage of improvement in your accent.
      • Typical rates of improvement vary from 50% to 70% or more and depends on each client’s time and practice invested in the program.
  • Lifetime Online Practice Materials
    • An online practice program is included, including a lifetime subscription, for when you want to practice and maintain your pronunciation skills.

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