Self Guided Speech Training

This plan is ideal for:

  • People who feel confident about following a self-study program on their own.
  • Individuals who have a limited budget and/or limited time.
  • Mild to Moderate or regional accent levels (However, a percentage of improvement cannot be predicted with this option).


    • Initial Accent Analysis
        • Prior to your initial session, you will complete a half-hour online speech recording at your convenience. Following your recording, your speech will be phonetically transcribed and analyzed against neutral American English in order to identify your personal sound deviations / speech patterns that you will need to improve
    • One Private 45-minute Session
      • The results of your accent analysis will be discussed, and you will be provided with initial guidance and exercises for getting started with your self-study program.
    • Two additional 30 to 45-minute Sessions
        • For specific targets such as word stress, intonation, public speaking, or other as determined by the client.
  • Lifetime Online Practice Materials
    • An online practice program is included, with a lifetime subscription, for when you want to practice and maintain your pronunciation skills.

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