Social, Search, Display Pay Per Click Advertising Management

I am offering expert “done for you” pay-per-click advertising development, executing, management, and reporting for a retainer of $750 a month fixed fee, this does not include ad spend.

Facebook, Google, and other pay-per-click online advertising can be in the form of banner display ads, search advertising, or sponsored content. Essentially you are targeting your ideal customers around the web with your message and “call to action” that converts into business for you.

My service will include creating and managing ads for your PPC strategy (if you don’t have a strategy yet, no worries, we can do that too -see the add on service)
  1. Developing the right channels from your ad through the sales funnel from social and online sites, to landing pages and your check-out page.
  2. Designing ad campaigns including creatives assuming you supply product photo’s (if necessary).
  3. Deploying ads, A-B testing, management, and reporting on ROI.

Past and Current clients include:

  • Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, GM, where managing car ads average $4,000 in ad spend and produce $128,000 in profit. (320% spend to profit ROI)
  • Dentists & Outpatient Medical Centers who spend $1,000 month in ads and acquire $50,000 in new patient value. (500% ROI on ad spend)
  • Business Leadership Coaches and Authors who spend $500 in ad spend and sign up clients worth $24,000 and up. (480% ROI on ad spend)

Delegating to an expert gets you a distinct advantage in ROI and even being able to hit the intended market. If your sales matter, let’s get this done!

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