A useful tool to evaluate your life – The Wheel of Life

In this 10-min video, executive coach Kristina Liu shared a useful tool called “The Wheel of Life” to evaluate how satisfied a person is about the different parts and areas that life has to offer . This creates a type of self-reflection, that allows you to get (even) more out of life.

Here is the worksheet that Kristina mentioned in this video. If you are interested in getting Kristina’s help to not just identify your current state of life, but to unleash your full potential, doing work you love while feeling more joy and fulfillment, visit Kristina’s GoingFlex profile and service page to learn more.

Note: This content is prepared as part of a new initiative that GoingFlex launched to promote knowledge sharing among our user community. If you are interested to be part of this initiative, please send us an inquiry form here.

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