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GoingFlex Announces Outplacement Service

What is Outplacement?

Layoffs are devastating for both employers and employees, especially during a worldwide pandemic . For an employee, it’s not just lost income, it’s losing an identity and community of colleagues. Letting workers go is also an unpleasant experience for managers and coworkers. In some cases, layoffs could lead to expensive litigation, not to say reputation and brand damages that could last well after the layoffs.

This is where outplacement service comes in: it provides assistance to employees in finding new opportunities and make the transition as easy as possible. Research shows strong outplacement services not only can save employers over $10,000 in litigation cost for every terminated employee, but also help maintain employers’ brand images by showing that they really care about their employees.

How is GoingFlex’s Outplacement Different?

With today’s labor market and the flexible work trend, traditional outplacement services may no longer satisfy the needs of your employees and alums. And as a matter of fact, an estimated 40% of employees never use the outplacement services provided.

GoingFlex’s outplacement service is designed for the current labor market and the future of work by combining our unique personalized assessment process and robust technology platform. We want individuals to thrive in today’s work environment that’s increasingly digital and flexible by assessing each individual’s unique skills and passion, help create their digital talent profile, market their skills and services to both local & global employers, and provide 1:1 dedicated career coaching support.

Our service is cost effective starting at $250/user (vs industry avg. of $500 – $1000/user), and easy to order directly from our website because we know how valuable your time is.

Visit GoingFlex’s Outplacement Solution now to learn more and place an order. Once you’re there, you can send us a chat message or set up a 30-minute call to get any questions answered!

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